Monday, July 15, 2019

FaceBook and Politics

Gonna take a possibly permanent break from discussing/posting political stuff. Most who know me know how I feel. And I think most can see what's going on, even if the future is hard to predict. I continue to hope and pray for humanity and a country that I believe Providence smiled on at one time, and that brought immeasurable good to the world (and some bad). Our destiny is in the hands of a motley collection of highly compromised cowards who were never the cream of the crop to begin with. Those of us who made it through the cold war have a hard time giving up the idea that we are all stronger and happier because of shared values and resources in the midst of gorgeous diversity; that unwritten norms are often all that prevents us from oblivion; that safety nets, a few rules, and collective infrastructure of all kinds facilitate the glorious entrepreneurial spirit that has brought us unparalleled creativity, beauty, and fun.
I was a late adopter of FaceBook. I couldn't figure out the point of it at first. I soon found it to be the most useful tool imaginable for an indy musician. I built up an artistic practice that depended on FaceBook. In the process I reconnected with people I never thought I'd hear from. I made many new and interesting friends and met my amazing wife. It enabled me to book gigs in places I'd never been and to host musicians for performances that would never have otherwise happened. FaceBook is, of course, a deeply flawed platform and 2016 has soured many on it. There are also some weird generational things, like that Instagram is cool, not FB so much, etc. (a sentiment which my teens (who appear to be reappropriating FB) say is so "millenial" and thus uncool). It's kind of like saying Chrysler is so much cooler than Dodge. Anyway, I'm gonna stay on FB in a restrained way and let others do the political stuff. Thanks y'all for your beautiful spirits and keep groovin'.