Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Love/temple

I didn't see it, but I personally think it's an outrage. We don't get to decide what other people consider sacred and in an undertaken so incredibly capitalized, public, etc. as internationally distributed television, there is no ethical reason for something like this to happen. I just don't believe in giving these hacks a pass on everything for supposed aesthetic grounds.
I guess I currently don't view the medium of television as an art form, and thus am not willing to grant it a lot of leeway. As an artist, I am pretty saddened that what we used to consider to be mass-produced disposable popular culture designed to sell stuff has now substituted for art, simply because the sets, cameras, and editing are more sophisticated.

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Victoria and Mark said...


I read a comment to a news article on this topic which I thought summed it up nicely:
"Hollywood only respects the sacred if it's in no way connected to Christianity or any offshoot of Christianity. If it's Islam or Eastern religions, Hollywood bends over backward to be respectful and even reverent. If it's Christianity, it's fair game for anything. And if Christians complain, they're bigots and should shut up and respect artistic integrity and free speech. Of course, Hollywood wouldn't be brave enough to provoke complaints from Muslims."

I have many more words and thoughts, none very nice. I honestly just want to cry about it, and I wish it hadn't gotten so much publicity.