Thursday, August 20, 2009

Questions on Healthcare for President Obama

Why have you not been emphasizing the "same insurance that members of congress get", rather than the "public option?" Or, why not simply expand the availability of medicaid or medicare, and charge premiums pro-rated to income? Why not sell the whole thing as a reduction in bureaucracy, and a simplifying of an overly complex system, by combining medicare, medicaid, VA, federal employees, and the armed forces health system into one system. You would then have the rhetorical upper hand in all these discussions. The idea of extending coverage would be less of a focal point.

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Felipe said...

The Public option as proposed in H.R. 3200 in the House is not the same insurance that members of Congress get. Ironically, Obama, Pelosi and Hoyer are vilifying the private insurance companies, when the health care for congress and the President are privately run. The Government does not run THEIR health care.
Pres. Obama's numbers are very "fishy" to use his term. The 47 million uninsured is not accurate. There are about 10 to 15 million Americans that want to be insured but don't have the means.
Health care insurance premiums are already expensive BECAUSE of government regulations.
When gov.squeezes private companies, then they pass the cost to consumers because they have to make profit. For example, gov. has spend decades vilifying the oil companies, when in reality, the oil companies make about 650 billions in profit every year, and the government makes about 1.34 Trillion a year from taxing the oil companies at every level of production.

Either way healthcare is complicated and it should not be passed without months of study and discussion.