Saturday, March 13, 2010


I went to the temple last week and had a couple of thoughts.

God created things that sustain themselves and are themselves creative. We can and should create things that do the same, that bloom and blossom more abundantly with time on their own, that are themselves creative entities. Maybe this is what eternal increase is. I think Emily Dickinson said that she only planted perennials.

Our future is formed by our sacrifices, whether we realize it or not. Sacrifice and creation are one in the same. I am defining sacrifice here by the traditional LDS concept of "giving up something good for something better."


Marni C. said...

God invites us to create; Satan tells us to consume.

lara said...

I really like this post.

But now I keep recalling that LDS film we watched a few years back.

"And eternal increase."
(sly glance)
"Mmmm hmmm."
(creepy glance)

emily said...

that made me think of something g.b. hinckley said, i think about his dad--that he planted a tree every year of his adult life, even though he would never see the trees grow to maturity.