Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Advise the Advisor

Response to David Plouffe's email requesting feedback on the subject of "innovation," specifically answering
* How is American innovation affecting your community?
* What are the obstacles to innovation that you see in
your community? And what steps can be taken to remove them?

My Answer:
Job prospects are poor and watered down versions of libertarian principles will not create career jobs with living wages. It used to be that the government set an example and raised the bar by providing decent jobs.

The way to remove barriers is to stop trying to appease or please republicans and start representing a sane and compassionate vision for our shared society. Put it on the table at least. Speak truth to power. The widening gap between rich and poor and the scandalous level of wealth enjoyed by some are ugly unsustainable.


Bamball said...


Have you read "Building the City of God: Community & Cooperation Among the Mormons"?-the Leonard Arrington etal book that goes into detail about the various forms of the United Order and attempts by the early saints to live like the social, communitarian, anti-trade attitudes of Brigham Young and other early 19th century church leaders. This is a very good read, with lots of interesting background particulars about the Orders of Enoch and the later United Orders. There are these great early leader quotes about why the Church couldn't live the Law, and it's all about the materialistic disparity-of-income influences that crept in among the Saints. Brigham Young was really down on the whole profit motive where raw profits trumped responsibility to fellow man.

Douglas Brimhall

Christian said...

I have read much of the book (I'm not a cover-to-cover reader). I'll have to look at it again. I quite enjoyed it at the time.