Saturday, August 13, 2011

To: To the Best of Our Knowledge re: Does the Soul Matter

The existence of the soul to my mind is a universal idea throughout cultures societies and religions until modern European culture. Most still have a traditional belief in an inner person that is separate from the physical body. Moreover, the materialist impulse has a profoundly bad track record. Why not, then, have a guest that does believe in an actual soul? To those of us in the arts, materialism explains such a small subset of reality. In a way, the lack of a traditional perspective might feed into the idea that NPR represents a small band of thinking.

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Philip Lybbe Powys said...

If I didn't already know that humans have souls, I would have discovered this truth in the painted portraits of Lucian Freud. I regret that he is now gone to his eternal reward, but his self-portraits register his otherwise unviewable immortality.
It was wonderful to meet a portion of your charming clan tonight. Kindest regards,