Saturday, June 30, 2012

Michael Moore assessment

I just got an email from Mr. Moore about the recent Supreme Court decision on the healthcare bill. Why has it taken so long for liberals to realize and articulate this? It's really pathetic because our society and our planet have suffered so much for at least 20 years because of what he is describing, with very little resistance from the left. He describes what he calls the real divide in America: "On that first side are the people who've been fed a diet of fear and lies and hate. And who is feeding them? The 1%. The richest people in the country, the ones who aren't done with us yet because they still don't have enough wealth, have done their best to dumb down the population through destroying our educational system and using media to provide them with a vastly distorted sense of reality. The rich's only obstacle is that they only hold 1% of the votes in the country. So they have to try to get a slim majority of Americans to vote their way. And fear, plus keeping them stupid, usually works."

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