Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hung out with piano virtuoso Keith Kirchoff last week who completely rocked most of my piano pieces last summer in an epic recital and even more epic recording sessions. Here we are up Rock Canyon

After church today I went on a solo hike up said Canyon, further than I think I've been thus far. I finally got to some stream.
 Last summer the stream went all the way down to the parking lot and lasted through July, because of the massive snows, rains and cool spring and early summer temperatures. We went a lot and played in the stream, which is, to me, sublime. I just love streams for some reason. Today I found some stream above where I think it gets piped. I think when there is stream below this; it is overflow from the pipe. There was hardly anyone around. It was quite hot, a Sunday, and the air is really bad from the many wild fires. I was so taken by the quiet, and the beauty of the whole canyon, the rock formations, the vegetation, the fauna. I found a rock to sit on in the stream and watched a small colony of millipedes, and then watched various spiders with webs just above the water. The affinity I felt with the arthropods going about their business in this beautiful, gentle setting. I think it is a human need to connect with our fellow living things in their natural habitat, and to nature in general. Rock Canyon is characterized by many rocks of various sizes. Geological processes, especially folding are very evident. Even the rock seems to have a life force. Today I discussed with a friend who works for FARMS the Liahona, as he had a plastic one like the Arnold Freiburg. I asked him why replicas always look the same. He said that Freiburg set the mold. But then I pointed out that Minerva Teichert has one that's more elegant, that just looks like a large gold ball. Seems more like the stone mentioned in Revelation and D&C (speaking of living rocks).

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