Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Christian Left

The reason I am interested in the Christian Left is because everyone assumes that Christians are all on the right, but I happen to know that's not true. I'm a lefty partially because of my adherence to the moral and social teachings of the
 sermon on the mount, which I think are excellent, challenging and transformative principles, whether or not you think Jesus was divine. And I also know that the evangelical brand of christianity that dominates conservative politics here has a very narrow definition of what a Christian is. My definition is pretty broad. I will confess to some negativity, I suppose because I have watched my adopted home, for which I have a great love, descend into greed, dysfunction, and philistinism in the short few decades that I've lived here. I have also been inspired by the incredible resourcefulness and intelligence of people working from the ground up making the world better and speaking truth to power when they can.

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